Basic Terms That You Should Know About Rummy Game

For a long time, Rummy was the most popular game in India and many other nations. Most people, especially in India, are familiar with the rummy cash game. With the introduction of online Rummy, this craze has now intensified. It would help if you thus grasped the words used in online Rummy.

Here is a helpful rummy dictionary of terms that will teach you all you need to know to begin playing Rummy or even to get a quick overview of the card game. Rummy might appear quite difficult to a beginner since it takes various abilities and rummy tactics to win. But before playing rummy games, you must first learn the terminologies used in the game and what they imply.

Here are a few rummy rules and terms you should know before you try a hand in the game:

  • Rummy Table

It is a virtual table designed for the rummy game. You may select the number of card decks and the number of players at any table, ranging from two to more than six.

  • Sorting

Sorting entails arranging your cards in the desired sequence or set. You can play your game correctly and select which cards to keep and discard.

  • Drawing and Discarding

Drawing cards is selecting cards from either an open or a closed deck. By putting undesired cards into the open deck, you may get rid of them by discarding them. You draw a card. Then you discard it after each round.

  • Joker/Wild Card

As the name suggests, a joker is a card with a joker’s image printed on it. A wild card is a card drawn randomly from the closed deck at the start of a game of Rummy. A Joker or wild card can be used instead of any other card to create a set or sequence.

  • Pure and Impure Sequences

The Joker has never been substituted in a pure sequence for any other card. A sequence is considered impure if a Joker has been used to substitute any other card in a set. In the 13-card Indian Rummy, you must create a minimum of two sequences, one of which must be a pure sequence. However, a sequence is a pure sequence if a wild card is utilized in its original value and not to substitute any other cards.

  • Sets

A group of three or four cards with the same value but different suits is referred to as a set. For instance, a set of three or four Aces from several suits. A Joker can also be used in place of a lost card.


  • Points

A point value equal to the number displayed on each numbered card exists. Ace, King, Queen, and Jack are face cards, and they are each worth ten points.

  • Dropping

A player can exit a game anytime using the “Drop” option. This can be done for any reason, such as when they believe they won’t be able to build the necessary sequences and sets. Dropping is always an option, whether during the opening or middle moves of the game. Depending on when you leave a game, dropping out will result in a penalty in the form of points.

  • Deck of Cards

A deck or pack of cards is a typical set of 52 cards, 13 of which are from each of the four suits: spades, diamonds, hearts, and clubs.

  • Pure and Impure Sequence

At least three successive cards must be arranged in a pure sequence. The use of a joker in the pure sequence is not advised. A joker is used to create an impure sequence in place of other cards.



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