Golden Retriever Puppies Adoption – You Have Adopted Yours, Now What?

How to be responsible when it comes to golden retriever puppies after adoption?
Well that’s easy, before bringing the puppies home it is important to know that these pups need their new owners’ utmost attention, love, care, and patience. Time and effort must be exerted to puppies until they attain the age where they can be on their own. More so, it is essential to train and discipline them in order to develop good manners and behavior.

What is so amazing with these dogs is that they are huggable and cute puppies. They are also very enjoyable to be with because they are active, energetic and love to play around with people and other dogs. This is the reason why retrievers need to be trained well otherwise you will end up with soiled or chewed-up furniture, carpets, and shoes among other things. Patience is also important when in the process of enduring this undertaking.

What are the things that puppies from adoption must learn?
First things first, teach them when and where to empty their bladder. Adopting and training those puppies need some time, as they can still not hold their bowel movements since they are not fully developed yet. The best thing to do is to regularly take puppies outside after every meal and at frequent intervals. golden retriever puppies colorado

A two month old puppy needs to excrete every two hours and every time they are taken out of the house obliged the retriever to empty it’s bladder before going back into the house. Make sure to do it at the same time and at the same spot every time, so he will learn that he is obliged to do this routine every time you bring him out for a walk. Of course your pup will not understand the first few times of exposure but eventually he will. This is what breeders and owners love about them, because of their intelligence it makes it effortless to train them and in no time the training will become a habit.

Make your puppy busy.
Give your retrievers plenty of puppy toys to keep them busy. Occupying them with their own toys will help them to understand that they are prohibited to touch other things in the house. Take about 10 – 15 minutes time for training sessions and about 2 -3 times a day. During this time teach him commands like sit, go, stay, come, no, heel, and things like that. Your patience and hard work will pay off in no time and you will see him grow well-groomed.

If children are around ensure that they do not get too overwhelmed with the fun of the kids to the extent of irritating the pups. Be watchful also not to let your puppy cause harm to a small child when present.


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